About GLY

Love yourself -inside + out


As two full time single parents, we understand the importance and difficulty of prioritizing self-care.

We are here to provide the essentials to RECHARGE from our busy lives by creating an experience that is beautiful, peaceful and inspiring. 

We offer specially CURATED small batches and all natural products with a heavy focus on sustainability.

We believe in prioritizing nutrition, health and wellness as SELF CARE and we are here to make it easily accessible and appealing to all. 

We work on DESTIGMATIZING men having skin care routines and indulging in self-care.

We want to EDUCATE young adults on the benefits of implementing skin and self-care routines now - so they can live longer and age gracefully.


How are we different?

What makes us unique is the holistic approach to self-care. The fact that we recognize taking your health seriously as an act of self-love and self-care.

We intend to Educate our customers [who are willing to learn] on how to connect their mind and body to work in sync. To present them with different types of meal plans, all natural herbal supplements or skincare products that are best for them and their body or skin type… 

In addition to our regular shop, we will be keeping it light, fun and refreshing by offering beautifully curated gifts, self-care gift boxes, date night boxes, DIY kits and subscription boxes.

These will be featuring many of our own natural products. As well as a variety of handmade, locally sourced, or meticulously handpicked specialty items from brands we love. We are pretty confident that you will love them too ;)

Happy shopping!

With Love, Sarah and Eric